We invite you to tour our Website and learn about all the amazing USB Medi-Chips, which can and often help save lives in an Emergency. Our Medi-Chips are Doctor recommended and tested: Our personal portable EMR’s store your medical records and any other chosen information for portability while away from home, during emergencies, at the Doctors offices, at the Pharmacist, and while traveling anywhere in the world. These devices are also a form of electronic ID; the data-base software included will help you manage your health records and can hold a copy of your drivers license, passport and social security card, if you wish.

  1. Create and organize your medical history

  2. Collect and store critical Information

  3. Easy to wear as necklace, keychain, bracelet or credit card style

  4. Organize prescriptions, allergies and medical conditions

  5. HIPAA Compliant and Doctor Recommended

  6. Safe anywhere 24 hours a day and never needs an internet connection to view your medical records

  7. Live chat and telephone support 24/7/365

Allows YOU to keep YOUR Medical Records with YOU at all times.

The Key 2 Life is ideal for the Business Traveler, Sports Enthusiast, Athletes, Children, Diabetics, Cardiac Patients, or anyone concerned with their health and wellbeing.

  1. User controls their medical records

  2. Plugs into any USB port on any OS*

  3. Easy to use for emergency personnel

  4. Can hold complete medical files including: XRAYS, CAT scans, EKG's, Medications and more

  5. Password Protected with encryption capabilities

  6. Cost Effective, No Hidden Fees 

*Requires a Windows Interface, Mac Dual Boot or Windows Emulation Software

Functions Similar To A Flash Drive....Stores Your Medical Records Electronically For Portable Transport, So You May Have Them At All Times, Especially In The Case Of An EMERGENCY, Whereby You CANNOT Speak Or Are UNABLE To Communicate To EMS/ER Personnel. This Product May Save Your Life In This type Of Situation, By Allowing First Responders and Medical Personnel To View Your Health Records In Order To Administer The best Treatment Possible!

   Take charge of your medical records today! Try our products risk free for 15 days!

*** Our products may qualify for Insurance Reimbursement by your insurer ***

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